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Best Wheelchair Ramps

Every person with impaired mobility wants to move independently. Well, mobility aids such as wheelchairs or powered chairs can be a great help for them, as they can move without acquiring assistance from someone else.

But in case of obstacles like stairs, uneven surfaces, or curbs, it may not be possible for a disabled person to continue his movement over these surfaces safely.

A portable wheelchair ramp helps all those using mobility devices such as scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers. The ramps can improve the mobility of these people, and they easily overcome their mobility.

If you are also searching for the best ramp for your elders or other disabled family members, you are at the right place. You can continue the reading to get the best wheelchair ramp for your loved ones.

ProductBrandProduct WeightProduct Dimension LxWxH
EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Modular Aluminum Entry RampEZ-ACCESS Store8 Pounds17x34x3 inches
Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold RampPrairie View Industries Store4 Pounds10 x 32 x 1 inches
Stalwart Curb Ramp, Portable Poly RampStalwart Store11.08 pounds27 x 27 x 4 inches
ORFORD Non-Skid Wheelchair RampORFORD12.7 Pounds 25 x 15.9 x 3.4 inches
Wheelchair Rampsgardhom36.05 Pounds37 x 16 x 9.25 inches
Clevr 3′ (36″ X 31″) Extra Wide Non-Skid Traction Aluminum Wheelchair Scooter Loading RampClevr Store16 Pounds36 x 31.25 x 2 inches


Titan Ramps Portable Wheelchair RampTitan Ramps53 Pounds96 x 30 x 2 inches
Ruedamann Threshold RampRuedamann Store11.8 Pounds23.6 x 28.3 x 1.77 inches
Ruedamann 6′ Portable Aluminum Wheelchair RampRuedamann Store20.2 Pounds 44.88 x 11.73 x 5 inches

  1    EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp


EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp, 3' Rise

The ramps are portable, and you can take them off at any time. They can make your lives relatively easy. You can use these ramps both as permanent ramps or even as temporary tamps.

The ramp can create a very smooth and sturdy surface for the doorways. It is made from high-quality aluminum, which makes the ramp very strong and light in weight. The ramp’s surface is entirely slip-resistant; therefore, you can move over it without any fear.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Drilled Slots: The ramp has many pre-drilled slots in the foot section. These slots also help in the attachment of the flap for anchoring. The hardware is included along with this ramp.
  • Adjustable Flap: The ramp has many flaps for the attachment at the top f the ramp. These attachments can provide the 1/4 inches additionally adaptably.
  • Made Of Aluminium: The wheelchair ramp is made from the best quality aluminum, which provides the aluminum’s required strength. The aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant; therefore, it can last for a long time and can bear up to 700 pounds.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface: The ramp is slip-resistant; therefore, you will feel safe. The surface of the ramp is handy for superior traction.
  • Made from aluminum
  • Suitable for heavy-duty
  • Easy to install
  • Highly recommended
  • The quality of the wheelchair ramp is deficient

  2   Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp


Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp, 10 x 32 Inch

The company tries one of the best quality ramps available in the market. The ramp is very durable and is very easy to install.

The ramp is an excellent product for the doorways and threshold. The ram is made from small-sized entries.

You can attach these thresholds with the edges of the door thresholds.

Well, the installation of the ramp is straightforward. The holes are already drilled in the ramp, so you can easily install it. Furthermore, each ramp comes along with the complete hardware.

The company always tries to provide you the best quality products. Besides, the company offers you a warranty and incredible customer service. You can contact the company anytime and can discuss all of your issues with them.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Slip: The ramp will never slip over the floor due to the high traction surface. The holes are punched in the ramp’s top corners, due to which you can easily install it.
  • Durable: The ramp is made from high-quality material, which produces light in weight. Furthermore, the ramp can last for a long time.
  • Grooved Surface: the surface of the ramp is grooved. The primary purpose of these is to expel the water quickly. Therefore, you can walk safely over the ramp.
  • Light in weight
  • Made from the aluminum
  • High traction surface
  • Designed for the doorways which swing in
  • Slides over the floor

  3    Stalwart Curb Ramp, Portable Poly Ramp


Curb Ramp, Portable Poly Ramp With 1000lbs Weight Capacity, 650lbs Impact Capacity - For Hand Trucks, Carts, Dollies, or Bicycles by Stalwart (Yellow) - 75-CAR1030

Stalwart is one of the best companies, which are providing the best quality products in the market. The company has been working with well trained and well-experienced employees. Above all, Stalwart is getting its expertise in e-commerce.

The ramp is made from the best quality materials, which make it durable and suitable for heavy-duty. The ramp has an incredible weight capacity of about 1000 pounds.

The ramp is designed so that it will never slip even if the ramp is wet. In this company, keep your safety as their top priority.

Key Features:

  • Safe To Use: The raised and rounded side rails can keep the wheels over the ramp. The bright yellow color makes it visible. With the help of a textured surface, you can get extra traction and stability.
  • Portable: The ramp is very light in weight and comes with two rounded handles. Well, for the installation, you will not require any tool, which makes it portable. In this way, you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Multipurpose Use: You can use this ramp for multiple numbers of purposes. With this ramp’s help, you can quickly get the bicycles, mopeds, wheeled carts ad hand trucks over a single step.
  • Elevated sides
  • Textured surface
  • Multipurpose use
  • Suitable for heavy-duty
  • The product is not durable and broke up in the middle

  4    ORFORD Non-Skid Wheelchair Ramp


ORFORD Non-Skid Foldable Wheelchair Ramp 2FT, Threshold Ramp with a Non-Slip Surface, Portable Aluminum Foldable Mobility Scooter Ramp, for Home, Steps, Stairs, Doorways, Curbs

The ramp is made from high-quality materials, which make it a durable and long-lasting product. The aluminum makes this ramp rust free.

The ramp can bear the weight of up to 800 lbs. The ramp is quite suitable for the scooter and doorways.

Along with the best customer services, the company provides you one year warranty for non-human damage.

The ramp is quite strong, therefore the best suitable product for the heavy-duty. Well, you can use this ramp for warehouse management, welding processes, and as well as for material forming.

The company cares about the customers, therefore providing the best assistance in the form of a ramp, making your life relatively easy.

Key Features:

  • Non-Slip: The ramp comes with a high traction surface and a non-slip paint. Therefore, you can use it in any weather conditions. With the help of a comprehensive design, you can get the required maximum support and stability.
  • Folding And Handle: The rams can be folded into a small size, easy to carry. Furthermore, you can keep the ramp in a tiny space. So you can carry it along with you just like a suitcase.
  • Easy to use: The ramp is an ideal assistance for the scooters, curbs, wheelchairs, and low stairs. You can fold the ramp into a compact design and then can take it along with you anywhere you go.
  • 800 lb weight capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • A little bit expensive

 5    Wheelchair Ramps


Wheelchair Ramp 6FT, gardhom 800Lbs Extra Wide 31.3” Aluminum Portable Folding Handicap Ramp 72' Long 6' for Home Threshold Doorways Steps Curb Vehicle Entry Scooter Stairs Driveway Vans SUV

The ramp is just like a lifesaver for all of the wheelchair users. The ramp is the best support for all the scooters. If your knees hurt you a lot, you can use these ramps; therefore, you can quickly come down.

The aluminum ramps are very easy to use and very easy to assemble. They are robust and firm; therefore, it would be the best option for all of your daily activities.

The ramp has a handle which makes it very easy to carry. You can take the ramp along with you while traveling, just like the suitcase.

The company offers you a 30 days guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product, contact the company. The after-sales team will help you out.

Key Features:

  • Portable Design: The ramp is very light in weight and has a built handle, making it very easy to carry. Furthermore, as the ramp can v=be folded, you can easily store it anywhere due to its compact design.
  • Heavy Duty And Well Made: The ramp is made from aluminum. Therefore, you can get a reliable and durable ramp. Furthermore, the ramp can support the weight of up to 600 lbs.
  • Safety Design: The ramp has anti-slip resistant tape, ensuring you will never slip over the ramp. Beside it, the bottom grip is very useful in preventing the ramp from falling. The safety pins help a lot in locking and landing attachments.
  • Easy to carry
  • Well made
  • Completely safe to use
  • Economical
  • The construct may not make it suitable for heavy-duty

  6   Clevr 3′ (36″ X 31″) Extra Wide Non-Skid Traction Aluminum Wheelchair Scooter Loading Ramp


The ramp is light in weight, durable, made from aluminum, and a built-in handle. All of these features make this ramp one of the best support for you and your family.

Furthermore, the foldable design makes it the most suitable option for you as you can easily fold the ramp and keep it safe very quickly.

Therefore, the company takes exceptional care of your safety and provides you the high-quality and the most durable products.

The bottom grip provides extra support to the ramp. In this way, you can keep the ramp safe from slipping and dropping while using it.

Key Features:

  • Durable Aluminium Construction: The aluminum makes this ramp very strong and supports up to 600 lbs. The ramp is equally useful for heavy scooters and electric wheelchairs.
  • Recommended Use: The ramp has the maximum height rise, making it suitable for the unoccupied wheelchairs and scooters, which is 9 inches. While for the occupied wheelchairs, the full height increase is 6 inches.
  • Safety Pins And Carrying Handle: The safety pins keep the ramps very strong when you lock the ramp. In this way, you can keep the ramp safe. There is a reliable and unique grip at the ramp’s bottom, which keeps it safe from dropping or slipping.
  • Durable
  • Highly recommended
  • Easy to carry
  • Firm and strong
  • A little bit expensive

  7   Titan Ramps Portable Wheelchair Ramp


Titan Ramps 8 FT Multi Fold Breifcase Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp, Rated 600 LB, Anti-Slip Threshold Wheelchair and Scooter Carrying Loading Ramp

If you search for a semi-permanent ramp for your garage, home, or other outdoor activities, the present ramp is the perfect choice for you.

The ramp is straightforward to assemble. So you will not have to get any extra tools. You can make all of its parts just within a few minutes.

Furthermore, the comprehensive Design and the slip-resistant make the surface of this ramp an ideal product for motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

The company has been working a very long time to provide you the best quality products which can make your life easy and comfortable. Besides, the company offers you 24/7 customer service. So you can contact them any time in case of any issue.

Key Features:

  • Angled Lip: The the angled rip provides you extra security while you are installing the ramp. The lip has holes in it, which can keep the ramp fixed in its position. Beside it, the nylon handle makes it very easy to carry.
  • Durable And Safe Construction: The ramp is very light in weight and is rust-resistant. Aluminum makes it entirely safe to use. The ramp is durable and portable.
  • Multi-Fold Ramp: The ramp is reliable, portable, and convenient to use. The folding structure can increase the life of the ramp. You can keep the ramp safe.
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy and easy to use
  • Very easy to install
  • 600 lb capacity
  • Same features at a high price

  8   Ruedamann Threshold Ramp


Ruedamann 24' L×28.1' W Threshold Ramp,2ft Wheelchair Ramps,Using Height 4',600lbs Capacity for Home,Steps,Stairs,Handicaps,Doorways,Aluminum Folding Ramps for Wheelchairs

The ramp is very light in weight and has a folding design. In this way, the wheelchairs can get access to the stairs, doorways, and steps.

The foldable design is one of the best features. When the ramp is not in use, you can fold the ramp and keep it safe.

The ramp is a perfect product for wheelchairs, scooters, and power wheelchairs. The ramp is straightforward to use and assemble. It is one of the most stable and can be used for an extended period.

Key Features:

  • Non-Skid Property: The anti-skid at the top of the wheelchair ramp make it suitable for all the heavy duties. It will keep the ramp safe from the slip. Furthermore, you can assemble the ramp with the help of tools or screws; quite quickly.
  • Unique Design: the unique Design and welding process makes the ramp very safe to use and durable. The ramp is safe to use, and you can use it with confidence.
  • Arc Design: The ramp’s exclusive Design can change the head of the ramp into the arc. In this way, you can keep yourself safe from accidental cuts from the sharp edges.
  • Unique Design
  • Quickly push the wheelchair over the ramp.
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Suitable for the robust wheelchairs and scooters
  • Expensive

  9    Ruedamann 6′ Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp


Ruedamann 6'L × 8' W Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp,Holds Up to 600lbs,Two Section Telescoping Adjustable Non-Skid Ramp for Wheelchairs,Stairs,Steps,1 Set

It is one of the best quality ramp, which has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. The ramp can provide the necessary support to the wheelchairs, scorners, power wheelchairs, and loading purposes. The ramp is equally suitable for the large and small-sized vans.

The ramp is an ideal product for you, and with the help of this ramp, you can easily carry all of your luggage.

The ramp is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it very suitable and durable. Furthermore, the ramp is very light in weight.

Key Features:

  • Non-Skid Holes: The non-skid hole surface design over the wheelchair can keep the ramp safe from bad weather. It is one of the best products which anyone uses very safely and correctly.
  • Stainless Steel Lock & Anti-Skid Pad: The stainless steel lock present at the sides of the ramp can keep the wheelchair ramp safe and secure. There is an anti-skip pad at the bottom of the ramp that can be skidding safe from the slip.
  • Handle Buckle: The ramp is straightforward to install, and you may not have to get any special tools or screws to install the ramp. You can very quickly assemble all the parts without any stress.
  • Best quality products
  • Very easy to set up
  • Compact Design keeps the space safe.
  • The non-skid surface makes it more stable.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty

  10    EZ-ACCESS SUITCASE Singlefold AS Portable Ramp


EZ-Access Suitcase Singlefold Portable Ramp with an Applied Slip-Resistant Surface, 6 Foot

The ramp is the best mobility solution that can help you in several ways. With this ramp’s help, one can get the confidence, ability to move, safety, and independence.

The ramp is substantial and robust. But at the same time, it is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry. Therefore you can take this ramp along with you while going out anywhere.

The ramp provides temporary, portable, and permanent mobility solutions. The ramp is equally compatible with ramps, walkers, scooters, crutch accessories, and wheelchairs.

Key Features:

  • Portable Folding Ramp: The ramp is very light in weight and is highly-strong. You can either use this ramp as a single unit or can even separate it into two parts just according to your needs. In this way, you can use the ramp only the way you want.
  • Safe And Easy: the portable ramp comes with incredible features, including the slip-resistant, ergonomic Design and a solid carrying handle. All of these features make this product an excellent option for all of you.
  • Easy And Safe Set-Up: The ramp has been designed for high traffic usage. With the help of two self-adjusting bottoms, you can easily convert this ramp into a mobility device.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Slip-resistant tread
  • Highly recommended
  • Difficult to wheel up

Wheelchair ramp at old building entrance stairs

Best Wheelchair Ramps Buying Guide

Light in weight and portable wheelchair ramp can bring multiple numbers of benefits to your lives. No doubt it can be a great addition to your property.

There are multiple features that you need to consider while selecting the best wheelchair ramp. A few of them are described here. You can get through them if you are struggling with the selection of the best wheelchair ramp.

  • Weight Capacity

It is one of the three most critical features; which you cannot ignore while buying the best wheelchair ramp for your kid.

For instance, before you buy the ramp, make sure that the ramp will wear your weight and the importance of the wheelchair and caregivers. If the answer is yes, you can get that car because the ramp is strong enough to provide you the necessary support. Besides it, you can also check if the ramp is reliable, stable, and even.

  • Portable

A portable wheelchair ramp can make your life relatively easy. Most portable rams are light in weight, so you can easily carry them along with you. Furthermore, portable ramps are very easy to carry. Therefore, you can bring these ramps over long distances.

  • Material

Well, it is equally important to check the material from which the wheelchair ramp is made from. For instance, most of the metals available in the market are made from aluminum.

Aluminum makes the ramps very strong and durable. But at the same time, the ramp becomes light in weight. All of these features let the users take these ramps over long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1:Are Portable Wheelchair Ramps safe?


Well, a ramp with high vertical rise can be dangerous. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a ramp with the least possible ramp. Always make sure that the ramp is not higher than 30 inches.

Q #2:Can Wheelchairs Fit Through Standard Doorways?


If you want to fit through the doorway comfortably, make sure that the doorway’s size is 32 inches. Well, the openings are measured between 23 to 27 inches. But with this width, you may not be able to pass through the doorways.

Q #3:How Long A Wheelchair Ramp Need To Be For Three Steps?


For each step, you can increase the height of the ramp by one inch. If your stairs are at the standard size, you need to buy 22 feet of ramp.


The wheelchair ramps help disabled persons to go wherever they want without thinking about the obstacles.

A wide range of wheelchair ramps is available in the market. All of them come with the best features, which make this wheelchair one of the best products. Hopefully, the review of top wheelchair ramps presented over here will help you select the best ramp.



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