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Top7 Best Wheelchair Carrier for Vehicle

The world is not the perfect fit for incapacitated or disabled people. They have to sacrifice a lot in their daily routine. But it does not mean they cannot go wherever they want. The wheelchair is the perfect solution to their mobility needs.

But when it comes to going a farther distance, they need something more. Here comes the need for a power chair or wheelchair carrier. The reason is moving around with a wheelchair or power chair is not as easy.

Most power chairs are too heavy to keep along with all the time. But what if you need a disabled loved one to go for a distant trip, and he/she uses a wheelchair? He/she must have a wheelchair all the time.

The best way is to take his/her wheelchair along with. So, you need a lifter or carrier with your vehicle. These carriers lift your chair and help you to transfer it where you want it to be. Hence, a lifter and carrier can help you enjoy recreational activities.

These wheelchair carriers are manufactured in a way to be trailed or set on the vehicle trunk. These are quite easy to use and help you carrying your wheelchair everywhere every time.

In the market, there are so many types of these lifters and carriers owning to different brands. Choosing one of these is always challenging. In this article, we will have a dialogue on the seven best wheelchair or power chair carriers.


Table Of Comparison

ProductModelWeighing CapacityBrandItem Dimension LxWxH (Inches)Item Weight (lbs)Material
1. MAXXHAUL 80779 Aluminum Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier80779500MAXXHAUL51.42 x 31.22 x 5.3552Aluminum
2. Silver Spring Folding Steel Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier


SC500-V3500Silver Spring48 x 28 x 4.2586Steel
3. Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier


MC500500Titan Ramps52.01×32.01x 9.0280Steel / Aluminum
4. Silver Spring Electric Universal Powerchair Scooter Lift and Carrier


Electric Universal350Silver Spring


39 x 27 x 5.2350Steel


5. ORCISH Folding Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier Scooter


Folding Hitch-Mounted500ORCISH49X28X471Alloy Steel
6: Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform


MWCC100Silver Spring25.25 x 31 x 2928Steel
7. Wheelchair Carrier Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter or Power Chair


210350Wheelchair Carrier48 x 25 x 22103Steel


  1   MAXXHAUL 80779 Aluminum Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

MaxxHaul 80779 50' x 29.5' Trailer Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier With High Side Rails With 47' Ramp For RV's, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Cars - 500 lb. Capacity

MaxxHaul Towing Products is concerned about offering towing solutions in the North American market. However, its corporate offices are based in Shanghai, China. Still, they have a warehouse and a US sales office in Oxnard, California.

When it comes to the wheelchair carrier, MaxxHaul 80779 is one of the top options to consider. It is lightweight, having 52 lbs of weight. Hence, it is not too weighty to carry with or to put it with your vehicle.

Although it is very lightweight, it can support the comprehensive weight. Yes! It can support up to 500 lbs of weight. It means you can take a wheelchair or any other thing weighing up to 500 lbs on it. This weight is justifiable wait for any lightweight carrier.

Key Features:

  • Quality Material: It is made up of aluminum that is considered the best for a power chair or wheelchair carrier. Rust-proof aluminum makes it sturdy and workable for a longer period.
  • Built-in Ramp: The MaxxHaul 80779 incorporates a built-in ramp. It will help you load your power chair, wheelchair, scooter onto and off the carrier very easily. Hence, you avoid the hectic duty of lifting.
  • Fits 2 Inch Class III And IV: MaxxHaul 80779 is an aluminum wheelchair carrier designed to fit into 2″ received hitches of class 3 and 4. Hence, it can easily be fixed in most trucks and SUVs. MaxxHaul 80779 also has an anti-tilt bracket for a stable experience.
  • Easy assembling
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Built-in Ramp
  • Weak design and construction

  2   Silver Spring SC500-V3

Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp

This quality scooter, power chair, or wheelchair carrier has almost all the features you need for efficient and safe transportation of your mobility. Silver Spring product line includes track ramp bags, transport covers, ramp carrying bags, over-bed tables, wheelchair carriers, and more.

It is made up of powder-coated steel. Hence, Silver Spring SC500-V3 accounts for the most durable transportation mean of a power chair or wheelchair. Powder-coated steel makes this item rust-resistant and can long last.

The latest wheelchair or power chair carrier usually features a built-in ramp. It is a great source of convenience during mobility. Silver Spring SC500-V3 also comes with a built-in ramp. You do not need to consume extra force while picking and placing a wheelchair into the carrier.

Key Features:

  • Weighing Capacity: The weight of Silver Spring SC500-V3 is 80lbs. It is considered a little bit heavier, but its weight adds up to the equipment’s durability. Hence it can support 500lbs of weight easily.
  • Easy to use: Silver SC500-V3 comes with folding technology. This technology adds up to the usability and compatibility of the carrier. It means you can easily use this carrier while transporting and can also keep it in less exhausting efforts while it is not in use.
  • Secure Usage: The Silver SC500-V3 carrier folds itself in the upright position against your vehicle. Moreover, it comes with four tie-down points that are easy-to-access. These are helpful in properly securing your wheelchair and resists slipping.
  • Large Weighing Capacity
  • Safe Three-Position Ramp
  • Anti-Rust
  • Heavy Weight

  3   Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

Titan Ramps Hitch-Mounted Wheelchair and Scooter Carrier - 500 lb. Capacity

Titan Ramps are renowned for providing absolute high-quality products to their customers. Their carrier products line include titan carriers, ATV carriers, and wheelchair carriers. You can find these carriers all over the world, and the reason is their quality deliverance.

Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier is easy to use. When you try it, you will be surprised to see how easy to move it. It is so smooth that it will not bring any form of stress to you. Hence, it is a very user-friendly wheelchair carrier.

With easy utility, this carrier can easily support a wheelchair or power chair. It can also work efficiently for lawn movers and scooters. Therefore, you get a multi-usage carrier when you buy a Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair carrier.

Key Features

  • 2″ Class III-IV Hitches: Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier works effectively with 2″ class III and IV hitches. Moreover, it can be folded vertically straight with your truck or vehicle. It gives you an easy time.
  • Spring Pull Technology: Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier also incorporates the spring pull technology. It means you can easily load your wheelchair or power chair using a folding ramp with the pin using the ramp’s security.
  • Durability: The Titan Wheelchair Carrier is very durable. It is prepared with heavy-duty steel and aluminum that helps it blend both metals’ benefits. These metals are famous for dealing with heavy loads and weights.
  • Attractive design
  • The durability of dual metal
  • Safe and Secure
  • Complicated assembling

  4    Silver Spring Electric Universal Power Chair Scooter Lift And Carrier

Silver Spring Universal Electric Power Chair and Scooter Lift and Carrier

Silver Spring is a famous brand when it comes to products specifically related to disabled persons. Regarding wheelchair and power chair carrier, Silver Spring manufactures steel carriers, aluminum carriers, and electric scooter lifts.

Silver Spring Electric Universal Power Chair Scooter Carrier is a fully automatic power wheelchair lift. It can be used with II, III, IV hitches. It is designed in a comprehensive design to carry a wide range of wheelchairs and power chairs.

The Silver Spring Electric Carrier motor comes with a plate holder, a key lock, license, toggle switch, and light. It can transport wheelchairs having wheelbase up to 42″ x27″. This electrical carrier can handle 350lbs of weight easily.

Key Features

  • Safety: Silver Spring Electric Lift and Carrier are developed through testing and retesting them rigorously. Hence, these carriers meet the lifting standards. Hence, Silver Spring Electric Carrier is safe to use.
  • Simple To Use: The products built for disabled persons must be safe and simple to use. Silver Spring Electric Universal Power Chair Scooter Carrier is lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Affordable: Silver Spring Electric Carrier is priced after frequent reviews of manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, these electrical carriers are best priced. It makes it affordable in addition to the quality deliverer.
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Robust and Sturdy Steel
  • Class II, III, IV Hitch Receiver
  • Lower Weight Capacity (350lbs)

 5    ORCISH Folding Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier Scooter

ORCISH 500LBS Capacity Cargo Carriers for Trailer Hitch, Hitch Cargo Basket with Folding Ramp, Mobility Scooter Accessories, Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier, Hitch Mount Cargo Rack

ORCISH is dealing with various types of products. The main product line includes a repair plug kit, synthetic winch rope, recovery winch snatch Pulley, electric synthetic rope winch, cargo carriers, and more. You can find satisfied customers of these products around the globe.

ORCISH Folding Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier Scooter features an integrated adjustable built-in ramp. You can fold it up and out into three various positions. It gives you a diverse user experience when it comes to a wheelchair or power chair carrier.

The first position of the carrier keeps the ramp folded flat to the vehicle surface. In the second position, the ramp stands straight when a wheelchair or power chair is on it. And in the last and third position ramp is unfolded. You can drive your wheelchair up or down on this carrier.

Key Features:

  • Hitch Class II or III: ORCISH Folding Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier Scooter is designed to fit classes II and III. It gives you a practical experience of utility to move cars, SUVs, vans, or trucks.
  • Welded Handle: ORCISH Folding Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier incorporates a welded handle. This handles adds a lot to the easy utility since you can simply fold and unfold the ramp with it
  • Sturdy Material: ORCISH Folding Wheelchair Carrier is made up of steel, which is considered a durable material for a wheelchair carrier. Powder Coated Black keep this carrier in good condition for a longer period.
  • Large Weighing Capacity
  • Attractive design
  • Rust-Resistant
  • A little heavier

  6     Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier With Tilting Platform

Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform

When we talk about power chair and wheelchair carriers, Silver Spring comes with a diverse line of carriers. So far, we have discussed the two most demanded of them. Now it is a wheelchair carrier with a tilting platform.

This wheelchair carrier is much different from the previous ones. The reason is those came with a base of a certain measurement. You could place your power chair or wheelchair on the base. But this wheelchair carrier offers different utility.

This Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier comes with a tilting platform. Moreover, you can change its height as per your requirement. When you attach it with your vehicle, it looks more attractive than other carriers having a base.

Key Features:

  • Easy Loading And Unloading: This carrier comes with a tilting platform. This function allows you easy loading and unloading. It means you can attach your wheelchair by just screwing from up and down after placing the wheelchair in the middle.
  • Durable: Silver Spring Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform is made up of heavy-duty powder-coated steel. It offers a durable utility for years.
  • Dimensions: When we talk about dimensions, this carrier looks pretty smart. It fits 2 inch Class III and IV. As per measurement, this carrier has a Length, Width, and Height of 25″ x 31″ x 29″, respectively.
  • Easy to use
  • Tilting function
  • Adjustable height
  • Supports lower weights
  • Hard to assemble

  7   Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter Or Power Chair Auto Lift By Wheelchair Carrier

Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter or Powerchair Auto Lift by Wheelchair Carrier 210 Model

This Wheelchair carrier is among the quality carriers who deliver a lot of conveniences. Suppose you have a power chair with two drive wheels in the center and four supporting wheels around the corner. It is not possible to use a ramp to climb up.

Here comes Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter by Wheelchair Carrier. It is quite convenient to install and use. It is compatible with class II or III hitches- you have to specify your hitch size in advance. Wheelchair Carrier will make it as per your instructions.

The Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter lets the elderly people even around 80 to transport their mobility. As per its dimensions, its Length, Width, and height are 48″ x 25″ x 22″, respectively. As regards its material, it is made up of steel.

Key Features:

  • Durability: The Lift-N-Go Power Electric Scooter Auto Lift by Wheelchair Carrier is very robust. It is manufactured of heavy-duty steel that helps it to work for a longer period. Steel is renowned for lifting heavy weights and loads effectively.
  • Simple To Use: This Wheelchair carrier is very simple to use in addition to simple installation. These are made especially considering the old people. It means the elderly can himself/herself can deal with his/her mobility, simply using the push of switches.
  • Weighing Capacity: This Lift-N-Go Power Electric Carrier is truly universal since it has a usable 28″ x 48″ platform. Moreover, it can handle weights and loads up to 350 lbs. Hence, it can accommodate most power chairs and scooters.
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient to use
  • Durable
  • Heavier (103 lbs)

The Best Power Chair Or Wheelchair Carrier: Buying Tips And Tricks

If you do not know even the wheelchair lifters or carriers’ ABC, you always need a knowledgeable person to buy it. However, we will discuss essential buying tips and tricks then will let you deal with it alone. These are discussed below.

  • Material Of The Carrier:

As we discussed, a power chair or wheelchair carrier does the most hectic and demanding jobs. It implies that the carrier must be made of sturdy material. On the other hand, if it is made of weal materials, it cannot offer subjective utility.

To avoid this, you should focus on purchasing a wheelchair carrier that is constructed of quality materials. When it comes to wheelchair carriers, the most reliable and durable materials are aluminum and steel.

  • Aluminum is the lightest weight metal. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion and rust. Where other metals need anti-rust finishing, aluminum metals do not need it. Hence, we can easily conclude the frame made of aluminum can last longer.
  • Steel frames are the most resilient in durability. They are highly resistant to damages. Their plus point over other metals is they can work in any weather condition. However, they need good finishing, i.e., anti-rust finishing or powdered-coated finishing.


  • Adequate Spacing

The wheelchair and power chair carrier comes in different spacing capabilities. Therefore, it is obvious to consider your spacing requirement. With adequate space, you can roll in and out of the wheelchair easily. Hence, adequate spacing adds up to your comfort.

  • Weighing Capacity

The weighing capacity of the carrier matters a lot. You always need lightweight products with maximum output. It means you will like a lightweight carrier that can comfortably support a power chair or wheelchair’s high weights.

  • Safety Measures

The other most important things to consider in terms of wheelchair carrier are the safety measures. There are various add-ons that wheelchair carriers provide for more safety. Some of these are as follows.

  • Reflective Panels: Reflective panels are best for night riding or dim light areas. Through the people behind you can see your presence. Moreover, they can also see your vehicle’s backlights that will ease their driving.
  • Side-steel Safety Rails: The safety rails guide the power chair or wheelchair to the rack’s right position. They provide a smart sliding space for your chair and are easy to work with.
  • Tie-down Holes: These holes are designed to offer you a safe place to secure your power chair or wheelchair. It comes with additional strapping to tie your wheelchair. It adds up to your safety since, without it, your wheelchair can get slide away.


  • Folding Facility

Almost every wheelchair carrier is built considering its proper storage. It means they come with folding technology. This technology lets them occupy little space when not in use (they can be folded). However, they can be unfolded when wheelchairs are placed on them.

  • Hitch Reception

A wheelchair carrier having a folding facility also require to adapt to hitches for better usability. A hitch-mounted carrier makes transportation easy. A standard 2″ hitch receiver is recommended with having fit with Class III and IV trailer hitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Wheelchair Carrier Of Which Metal Is The Best?

The power chair or wheelchair carrier is made up of two metals: aluminum and steel. Both are considered tough metals when compared on the grounds of usability. When we consider rust-resistance, aluminum takes advantage.

However, if you consider the robustness of usability, steel is preferred over aluminum. But when it comes to steel frames, they require proper finishing before usage. It means they need anti-rust finishing or powdered-coated finishing.

  • Which Wheel Chair Carrier Is Better: Manual Or Electric Carrier?

Electric carriers offer more user convenience. However, they cost more and also handle less weight than manual wheelchair carriers. For example, manual carriers are sturdy and can handle up to 500 lbs. In contrast, electric carriers mostly handle up to 350 lbs and are more expensive too.

  • Does Hitch Reception Is Must For Wheelchair Carrier?

It is not considered a must for the wheelchair; however, it adds a lot to your convenience. Therefore, now a day, every carrier manufacturing company includes it in their wheelchair. A standard 2″ hitch receiver is recommended with having fit with Class III and IV trailer hitches.


The advantages of a wheelchair or power chair carrier are remarkable. It eliminates the hurdles for disabled persons to visit various places. And you can take your loved one disabled person along with. However, make sure that the model of a wheelchair carrier fulfills your needs.

The design of the carrier should be spacious enough to support your wheelchair requirements. You can conveniently slide your wheelchair in and out. And the durability of the carrier is amongst the top requirements.

Therefore, always consider those wheelchair carriers that are resistant to rust. You must also consider weighing capacity, additional safety measures, folding facility, and hitch reception.



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