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Top 10 Best TV Remotes for Elderly/Seniors in 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

For seniors, it can be challenging to navigate the different remote controls. This is particularly the case if several of them are necessary, for example, to operate a television with an internet box, a decoder or a DVD or Blu-ray player. It is then, in fact, preferable to use the remote control for senior which allows much more comfortable use.

So in this article, I decided to test the best models of simplified remotes to help you decide which one you need. Also, you can find various tips and tricks that will help you make the right choice.

  1    Universal Big Button TV Remote


Universal Big Button TV Remote - EasyMote | DT-R08W. Backlit, Easy Use, Smart, Learning Television & Cable Box Controller, Perfect for Assisted Living Elderly Care. White TV Remote Control

The Universal Big Button TV Remote control works thanks to the learning principle. This gives it excellent compatibility, since you can use it with many television models, but also with your TV box or your TNT decoder. However, to use it, you must have the original remote control of the device, and it must be in perfect working order.

Regarding its design, it is perfectly planned to suit the elderly. So you can enjoy a remote control that has just a few large, easy-to-use buttons. It is also a small remote control very light and small in size. However, some people might find it a bit too wide.

  • Its ease of use
  • It’s excellent compatibility
  • Large, easy-to-use buttons
  • Only a few buttons for essential functions
  • A small template that fits perfectly in your hand
  • A minimal price
  •  Cannot replace a lost or broken remote control
  •  Some users might find it a bit wide

  2   Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly


Flipper Big Button Universal TV Remote - Seniors, Elderly - Simple, Works TV & Cable - Favorite Channels - Learning - Supports IR Devices

The Flipper Big Button TV Remote for the Elderly is a device that works thanks to the learning system. This allows it to be compatible with a large number of devices. In return, you must have the original remote control in perfect working order.

You should also like its feature, which makes it easy to program and disable buttons. This allows you to benefit from a remote control that offers only the functions you need.

While its shape is relatively similar to that of conventional remote control, it fits perfectly in hand. However, it has a lot fewer buttons while the buttons are also more prominent. Thus, you can enjoy excellent user comfort. Finally, you can change its batteries without needing to reprogram its keys.

  • It is straightforward to use
  • It is compatible with many devices
  • Its large buttons are easy to use
  • Unused buttons can be disabled
  • When changing batteries, the key programming remains in memory
  • Easy and fast key programming
  • The instructions are not translated into other languages
  • It is essential to have the original remote control in working order

  3   GE Big Button Universal Remote Control


GE Big Button Universal Remote Control for Samsung, Vizio, Lg, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, TCL, Panasonic, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, Blu-Ray, DVD, 2-Device, Silver, 33701

When choosing a remote control for a senior, you must first of all, make sure that it is straightforward to use. This is the case with this GE Big Button Universal Remote Control for Samsung. It only has a few buttons, which are all easily programmable. Besides, its large keys make it easy to use it without making the wrong key.

Very light, it offers an excellent grip. A senior can even use it for several hours without feeling the slightest discomfort. It’s very compact size also convenient and guarantees exceptional user comfort. Finally, it is substantial and allows you to benefit from a two-year warranty.

  • It has seven easily programmable keys
  • Very easy and quick to configure
  • Very few buttons, which allows you to keep only the essential functions
  • Large buttons are easy to use
  • It works even if you are not entirely in front of the television
  • A reliable device for which you can enjoy a two-year warranty
  • Lack of clarity in the instructions
  • Compatibility issue with some televisions

  4   LuckyStar Big Button Universal Remote Control A-TV2


LuckyStar Big Button Universal Remote Control A-TV2, Initial Setting for Lg, Vizio, Sharp, Zenith, Panasonic, Philips, RCA - Put Battery to Work, No Program Needed

With large buttons and very easy to use, this LuckyStar Big Button Universal Remote Control can be used to control two different devices. To switch from one to the other, all you have to do is program one on each channel (A and B) and then select one of the devices you want to use.

The programming of the keys is done very easily and quickly and should not pose any problem.

Its dimensions can, however, be surprising. Indeed, despite its low number of buttons, this remote control is the same size as the standard models.

  • It has a few buttons and only offers the essential functions
  • Its configuration and use is straightforward and fast
  • Its buttons are giant, which limits the risk of pressing the wrong key
  • It is possible to configure it for two different devices
  • It is a device sold at a low price
  • The user manual is not translated into other languages
  • The remote is a bit big, especially when you consider the number of buttons

  5    Matrix u43 Big Button Universal Remote Control


Gmatrix Big Button Universal Remote Control - Retail Packaging (U-43)

Having multiple remote controls can become complicated, especially for people with visual impairments or those who have a cognitive impairment or have difficulty finding small buttons.

By combining the various cable/satellite controls and remote controls in a single device, Gmatrix u43 Big Button Universal Remote Control alleviates the caregiver’s tasks. It makes it easier for your loved one to control their television.

The Matrix u43 Big Button Universal Remote Control is compatible with all set-top boxes and satellites, except Bell Fibe.

  • Super easy to program
  • Extraordinarily easy to use for an older adult!
  • Allows easy TV control for essential listening functions
  • Compatibility issue with some televisions

  6    RCA RCR313BR Big Button Three-Device Universal Remote


RCA RCR313BE Big Button Three-Device Universal Remote, Black

Technological devices such as smartphones, telephones or even remote controls have a big problem: They are getting smaller and smaller, and you will find more and more control elements on them.

This makes handling more and more difficult. Many seniors who are no longer as skilled with their hands fail because of this fact. This is where the RCA RCR313BR Big Button comes into play because this universal remote control only needs 20 buttons, which are also very large.

Above all, the buttons for the volume and zapping back and forth between the individual channels are lavish, so ideally suited for people with a handicap.

  • It is straightforward to use
  • It is compatible with many devices
  • Its buttons are easy to use
  • It is essential to have the original remote control in working order

  7    AMAZSHOP247 A-TV10 Large Button Universal Waterproof Remote Control


AMAZSHOP247 A-TV10 Large Button Universal Waterproof Remote Control Vizio LG Sharp

With AMAZSHOP247 A-TV10 Large Button Universal Waterproof Remote you can replace eight remote controls in the household and thus ensure more order in your own four walls. The AMAZSHOP247 A-TV10 Large Button Universal Waterproof Remote Control Vizio LG Sharp supports more than a dozen device brands.

A real convenience feature: You don’t have to enter codes to recognize the device to be operated laboriously. Instead, connect the AMAZSHOP247 A-TV10 Large Button Universal Waterproof Remote Control Vizio LG Sharp to your computer. You can use the supplied program to make all settings.

  • Compatible with television
  • The A-TV10 is the perfect gift for Grandma or Grandpa
  • It is a device sold at a low price
  • Button backlights may cause issues

 8     Learning Remote Control with Big Buttons


Learning Remote Control with Big Buttons, 6 Keys Universal Remote Control Smart Controller for TV STB DVD HiFi VCR(Orange)

The Learning Remote Control with Big Buttons is designed and optimized for smart TVs. The model designation “5 in 1” is not aimed at the devices that can be programmed at the same time, but refers to the five significant manufacturers Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic. This has both advantages and disadvantages for you.

The most significant disadvantage is undoubted that only the TV sets from the five manufacturers mentioned are compatible with it. This means that this universal remote control is “only” suitable as a replacement for a defective predecessor.

The significant advantage here is that all the essential basic functions, such as the colour selection buttons or the “stroke” control, are precisely where you expect them to be. By concentrating on the five major manufacturers, maximum compatibility is also guaranteed.

  • It is compatible with many devices
  • It is a device sold at a low price
  • Replace the batteries enough times, and this battery cover is going to snap off.

  9   Sony Universal Remote Control


Sony Universal Remote Control

The manufacturer is taking a slightly different approach with its Sony Universal Remote Control because you can connect eight devices to the remote control instead of four.

It should even be possible to operate game consoles such as the Xbox One or Xbox 360 with this device. Set the devices in three easy steps. According to the manufacturer, this takes less than a minute. The prerequisite is of course that you look for the associated code from the list. An easy-to-understand quick start guide is included.

But it is not only with the help of the list that it is possible to connect the remote control to the individual devices. Because it has a learning function, So if your old remote control is still working, you can transfer personal features to the new remote control by simple infrared transmission.

  1 0   Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control


Tek Pal - Large Button TV Remote Control

At first glance, the Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control looks more like a cordless phone. Because the manufacturer has not only equipped the device with a three-line LC display, but also with a stand-in which the remote control stands upright and thus takes up less space on the table. In black piano lacquer, the model looks very modern and high quality.

The macro function is undoubtedly a particular attraction for all home cinema enthusiasts. It can be used to automate specific processes at the touch of a button. For example, you can first switch on the television with just one button, then select the correct input channel and then start the film on your DVD player. There are tons of other useful examples of such a function.

In addition to the extensive code list, in which most of the popular brands and models are already available, you can also use the learning function to use other devices. For this, you need the original remote control of the corresponding device. This ensures that it is also possible to use new models that were not available at the time this remote control was manufactured.

  • Perfect gift for a loved one with low vision
  • Offers less confusion, more comfortable tv viewing
  • Palm-sized with six large lighted buttons
  • Over-sized for some individuals


Sooner or later you will press this one button on your remote control.

And then you can devote the next few minutes of your attention to a problem:

How do I get rid of this menu? Or How do I get the picture format back to 16: 9?

The rule of thumb that I derive from experience: If I first have to think long and hard and at the end even have to pull out the operating instructions – then the same problem seems insoluble for my grandma.

Not everyone has elderly relatives who are enthusiastic about technology!

Such problems are increased when not just one but several remote controls are involved. Finding the right key (combination) to close the flashing window is often so tedious that the plug is pulled out and the grandchildren called.

You can’t always prevent breakdowns – but you can make it easier for yourself and your older people with foresight

If you are the computer person in your family or are considered to be tech-savvy, you will know: no matter how well you secure a system against a clumsy user – they will find a situation in which they need your help again.

It is no different from the ideal TV setup for seniors.

The solution offered by various manufacturers is senior remote controls. They are also marketed as such. They are not perfect, either. However, far less can go wrong with this than with the increasingly confusing devices (even for younger generations) that are supplied with the television ex-works.

What to look for when choosing a senior remote control

If you are planning to purchase one to make life easier for your seniors with the TV, there is usually little you can do wrong with popular devices.

Basics: large keys that are easy to press

All senior remote controls that are marketed as such meet these criteria anyway.

If you are looking around for special requirements in another market segment – for example with universal remote controls – pay attention to the following things:

The keypad

  • Keys as large as possible
  • Good pressure points and a robust feel
  • Under certain circumstances: illuminated buttons
  • As much space as possible between the keys

In addition to eyesight and hearing, fine motor skills are one of our gifts that the ravages of time are particularly gnawing at.

The number of buttons

  • Slim control panel with a focus on the essential functions
  • No menu buttons or the like. – if so, then press the escape key next to it

Usual for senior citizens remote control is: the function keys are mostly omitted entirely, and the remote control is limited to the essential functions. That makes scenarios like the one with the button that did something from above very unlikely.

If you know that the remote control will only end up being used for changing channels and adjusting the volume, you don’t need a DVR button or program guide. Many seniors perceive this as annoying frills anyway.

Warning: some manufacturers mean it a little too well by restricting them to the essentials. Models that can only switch on / off, change channels and volume are also reduced for many senior citizens. Imagine that your senior’s favourite medium is at number 64. Without a keypad, it takes forever.

Learning ability of the remote control without levels

If the receiver has to be operated in addition to the TV, the remote control should be programmable. With universal remote controls, it is common to be able to switch between several levels

Not only is this not the case with the typical senior remote controls. That would only cause a lot of confusion on top of that. For example, when the user switches the level to a BluRay player and suddenly can no longer change the channel on the television.

If the remote control only knows one level, you can still program the individual buttons on several devices.

Example: Program the channel change on the receiver and the volume control on the television.

It’s also an excellent transition to a common challenge:

One of the biggest problems: volume control

With the switch from analogue to digital, many televisions had to be equipped with additional receivers.

It would be ideal if your senior citizen uses a television with a built-in digital receiver – then there is no need for a problem that arises with separate receivers:

The volume is controlled both on the television and on the receiver.

However, you can easily counteract this with a programmable senior citizen remote control:

  • Set the volume of the receiver to 80-100% and leave it at that
  • Program only the volume control on the television on the remote control

Put the remote control for the receiver aside – you only need to turn the volume on the television (using the new remote control).

This ensures that the receiver volume does not have to be readjusted all the time and avoids technical breakdowns.

When buying a universal remote control, there are a few things to look out for, such as:

  • Functions
  • Batteries
  • Storage of information despite empty batteries

Make sure that your TV remote control has all the functions that you need in your everyday life. If you have stored a lot of programs, a number pad would be advisable. With this, you can switch directly to each channel and save yourself having to click through all programs.

However, if you only use a few television programs, remote control without a number pad is recommended, as this is clearer and easier to use. Furthermore, it is essential to note which battery is required for the universal remote control.

At best, this should be a standard Mignon or Micro battery, as button cell batteries are often more expensive to purchase and you, therefore, have to bear more follow-up costs. The universal remote control should also be able to continue to store the stored information despite changing the batteries. This saves you from having to keep them again if the batteries run out.

In conclusion

Choosing the best remote control for senior can be complicated, mostly because of the large number of models available. It is to help you do this that I have tested different models. I then saw that the most efficient of them was the Universal Big Button TV Remote control.

It turns out to be perfectly optimized for use by an older person. It is imperative always to find the right equipment for seniors. Providing them with a suitable environment is indeed an excellent way to allow them to maintain their independence.

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