Top 7 Best Snowblower for Elderly

Winters are approaching and heavy snow can block your patio, driveway, deck, and yard like every year. Clearing up that snow is a hassle for everyone but much worse for the elderly. So, the perfect solution to get rid of snow from paths like sideways and walkways is a snowblower. Since aged people are already dealing with back and joint issues, the last thing one wants is backbreaking work with bulky machines or tools.

If you’re looking for the best snowblowers that are simple to use and designed for the elderly to effortlessly chuck out snow during severe winters, this is the right place for you.

A Snowblower is a perfect gift for your grandparents, elderly family member, or friend! Scroll down to know about the most reliable snowblowers in the market.

Comparison Table

ModelMotorClearing width and depthThrowing distanceWeightPower sourcePlowing capacity/minDimensions
Toro 3838115 Amp electric motor18’’ and 12’’up to 30 ft.24.00 lbsCorded700lbs36.2 x 18 x 47’’
Snow Joe SJ62013.5 amp

Electric motor

18’’ and 10’’up to 20 ft.31.5 lbsCorded650lbs45 x 19 x 38’’
All Power America AP-SB1810E-13.5 amp

Electric motor

18’’ and 8’’9.8-19.8 ft.36.5 lbsCorded1000-2000 lbs26.77 x 17.32 x 19.29
Greenworks 260050213 amp electric motor20’’ and 10’’20 ft.30 lbsAC Corded700 lbs31 x 21.6 x 37’’
Earthwise SN7001612 amp electric-powered16’’ and 8’’30 ft.

16 lbs

Corded430 lbs41 x 16 x 38’’
Goplus Snow Thrower-9 amp electric motor12’’ and 6’’20 ft.10 lbsCorded400 lbs11.5 x 8.5 x 53.5
WEN 5662 Blaster13.5 amp electric18’’ and 7.8’’20 ft.32 lbsCorded600lbs40 x 18 x 37

  1    Toro 38381-Best Overall

The Toro 38381 is a powerful yet lightweight snowblower that’s ideal for the elderly as it doesn’t require filling up oil or gas. This electric blower features a powerful 15 amp motor that clears up decks, stairs, steps, walkways, patios, smaller driveways, and other residential spots that require snow clearing. With Toro’s exclusive innovative controls and 1800 Power Curve throwing technology, it’s one of the best electric snow blower brands in the US.

The power shovel comes with a 12” width that throws the snows up to a distance of 9m (30ft.). Another thing that makes it ideal for elderly use is Toro 38381 is very simple to operate. This machine can be customized to fit any user with its ergonomically designed telescopic adjustable handle for added leverage and comfort. No more back pain!

It’s built to handle larger areas and deeper snow; with 15 to 18” clearing width and a 12” depth. Moreover, the new zip deflector and 160 ̊ chute lever offer a choice to direct snow at any angle and direction you want by locking it.  This combined with power curve technology, funnel’s inverted housing, and curved rotor blade provides the best possible snow-blowing control to the elderly to clear down more amount of snow in less time. For extra snow-grip traction, Toro has 2 large 6’’ wheels.

Powerful doesn’t mean it’s a heavy machine that’s hard to maneuver; the Toro weighs only 24 lbs. making it easy to transport anywhere. When you’re done with the snow-clearing job, it can be stored easily with taking space of a regular shovel. Furthermore, Toro 38381 is backed with a 2-year warranty.

  • Power curve technology
  • Zip deflector and Chute control
  • Weighs just 24lbs; lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • Quick-level adjustable handle
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Electric motor prone to rusting
If you want a maintenance-free, easy to use and effective snowblower to move out deep snow quickly and remove clogging in heavy conditions, look no further than the Toro 38381electric blower. A powerful and durable machine!

  2    Snow Joe SJ620 –Best for medium-size walkways

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Shoveling snow with bad back pain is terrible for the elderly, so Snow Joe SJ620 snowblower makes clearing snow enjoyable and less fuss. It’s perfectly sized to clear up decks, walkways, and steps so snow doesn’t block paths; designed for bigger driveways and deep heavy snow. The SJ620 packs a powerful 13.5 amp electric motor that requires no tune-ups, gas, or oil changes to start. Plus, no more dealing with dead batteries on a snowy morning! Thanks to the Instant Start technology; a push-button that immediately starts up the machine when needed. However, a safety switch present avoids any accidental machine startup. It has the power to efficiently remove up to 650 lbs of snow in a minute.

Utilizing durable 4 heavy-grade steel rotor blades, the Joe SJ620 throws up snow up to 6m (20ft.) clearing up to 10’’ deep and 18’’ wide with every pass. You can remove 2,450 sq. ft. of snow in an hour.

The feature that’s great for seniors is a unique patented back-saving design with a push-button adjustable handle that has a balanced nice grip for improved user’s comfort. Then there are easy-gliding 2 compact wheels for easy movement and turns to maximize comfort and minimize strain. Weighs only 31 lbs; lightweight makes it easy to transport and store by hanging it.

This reliable winter tool also has a relatively silent operation than other snow throwers. A manual 180 ̊ adjustable chute control easily rotates so you control the height and direction of the snow stream. Also, Snow Joe SJ620 is backed with a 2-year full warranty.

  • 4 steel blades rotor
  • 180̊ chute control
  • 13.5 amp powerful motor
  • 6m throwing distance
  • Safety switch
  • No deflector
Snow Joe SJ620 is a great snow-removal machine for the elderly that saves your back as well as time with its powerful electric motor, optimum clearing-speed, ergonomic handle, compact design, and easy maneuverability. It allows you to work more efficiently and quickly.

  3   All Power America AP-SB1810E-Most Plowing Capacity

All Power America AP-SB1810E Electric Snow Blower, 18-Inch

Oil or gas-powered snowblowers release nasty fumes which can cause respiratory irritations for the elderly so we’ve included the All Power America AP-SB1810E electric snow blower in our list. No seasonal tune-ups or expensive start-up costs; this maintenance-free machine starts instantly with just a push of a single button.

A well-reputed brand in the power tool industry, the All Power America snowblower has an innovative design to eliminate maximum snow path. This electric-powered snow blower comes with a powerful 13.5 motor that offers maximum plowing capacity than any other blowers on the market; 7750 sq. ft. per hour. It offers unlimited snow throwing driven by a robust motor that moves up to 1000 to 2000lbs of snow per minute. Thanks to the durable steel-blade auger that cuts the path 18’’ wide and maximum 8’’ deep snow with each pass.

Not only has a compact and lightweight design, but it also has other useful features that offer easy operation for the elderly. The AP-SB1810E snowblower has an adjustable discharge chute control that rotates to a full 180 ̊ angle to throw snow stream from 9.8 to 19.6 ft. away.

2 easy-glide all-terrain wheels make AP-SB1810E snowblower easy to turn and maneuver with little effort without damaging deck or pavement; a feature every old-aged wants in a snow-thrower machine. Furthermore, it’s easy on the wallet too as compared to other high-end snowblowers; a budget-friendly option if you want to gift your grandparents or old-aged friend.

  • Lightweight compact design
  • Great plowing capacity
  • Clears snow path of 18’’ wide and 8’’ deep
  • Powerful 13.5 amp motor
  • Easy maneuverability with wheels
  • Doesn’t perform that well with wet ice
All Power America AP-SB1810E is a safe and easy snowblower for senior citizens to maintain driveways during winter seasons. It has the maximum plowing capacity per hour that allows removing all snow in a short time.

  4   Greenworks 2600502-Best Design for Elderly

Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower, 2600502

This 20’’ corded snowblower from Greenworks is designed for comfortable and quick snow-clearing. Ideal for your small yards, it effectively clears driveways, patios, and sidewalks quickly. Requires no charging or batteries, all you have to do is plug and start electric with an instant easy-push button. It offers more power torque and unlimited runtime without the hassle of gas or oil. With a 20” clearing width and 10” depth, it’s ideal to move large amounts of snow conveniently without hurting your back.

The discharge chute easily rotates to 180 ̊ to provide directional control of snow. This machine throws snow up to 20 ft. of distance.

For more smooth operation, 2600502 Greenworks snowblower feature 7” rear wheels make it easy to maneuver and transport over all kinds of snowy surfaces. These wheels also offer great snow-grip traction for mobility.

Although it already has a compact lightweight body, convenient folding handles make it easier to store this tool after snow-clearing work. Unlike other noisy machines, this Greenworks snow thrower operates with fewer vibrations and noise so this makes it excellent for elderly use. Another outstanding feature is the onboard 2 LED lights that illuminate brightly to make nighttime snow clearing easy and safe for senior citizens with visibility issues; useful both at night and day. Plus, the overall appearance can’t be ignored; sleek grey and green aesthetics.

  • Unlimited runtime
  • Great for small yards
  • 13 amp powerful motor
  • LED light for night visibility
  • Push-start button
  • Fewer vibrations and noise
  • Operates at 120V only
The Greenworks 2600502 is an ideal alternative to gas or oil-powered heavy-duty snowblowers that require yearly maintenance. It removes a large pile of snow effortlessly with the power of an electric motor, unlimited runtime, and 20 ft. away discharge. Plus, the machine is easy to start up and use by users of all ages.

 5    Earthwise SN70016-Most Lightweight Design

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel, 16' Width, 430lbs/Minute

Earthwise SN70016 is the most lightweight snowblower on the market weighing only 16 lbs. If you’ve got a small area to clear and don’t want to mess with oil or gas, Earthwise snowblower can be the right choice that offers the same gas-like heavy-duty power. Just like the previous snowblowers covered in this article, this Earthwise snowblower also works on an electric-powered 12 amp motor. With 16’’ clearing width and 8’’ depth in a single pass; it’ll have the snow off your driveway in no time.

Plow through the deepest snow effectively and quickly with this 12-amp 16’’ snow thrower. The 3-position adjustable discharge gate enables snow to be thrown up to 30 ft. away and in different directions; left, right, or straight. Thanks to its 6’’ transport tracking rear wheels, it’s super easy to move, turn, and smooth transport on snow. To make it further easy and comfortable for the elderly to use; the Earthwise SN70016 has an ergonomically designed auxiliary handle for enhanced grip. It can adjust to your desired height and comfort so you don’t have to lean forward for operation. Besides, this steel pole handle features a safety switch and onboard cord-retention hook. It also has an additional support lift handle for better control.

This lightweight yet powerful machine with a dual-curved black auger blade at the front increases efficiency and can blow 430lbs of snow in just one minute. What else? It has also got thermal protection!

  • 3-position discharge gate
  • No-tool assembly
  • 30ft. throwing distance
  • Adjustable support handle
  • 2 tracking rear wheels
  • Lightweight; only16 lbs
  • No LED lights
Earthwise SN70016 is the best lightweight tool for the elderly to throw heavy wet snow way out of your way comfortably. It’s great for patio, stairs, decks, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.

  6    Goplus Electric Corded Snow Thrower- Budget Friendly

Goplus Electric Corded Snow Thrower, 12-Inch Width 6-Inch Depth Powerful Snow Removal Machine Shoveling Kit w/Dual Safety Switch, 9AMP, 400-lb/Minute (Green)

Clearing off snow from your driveways or walkways with a shovel is not only a time-consuming but energy-draining process. So, here’s an affordable and reliable electric shovel for the elderly that weighs only 10lbs. No gas or oil fumes to inhale, it uses electric power to start and operate. The Goplus electric-corded snow shovel moves at the speed of 4,800rpm to throw snow 20 ft. away so get a clean clear walking path in no time. It is powered by a 9 amp electric motor that cuts 12’’ wide and 6’’ deep path in one go.

It can be stored upright easily to lessen floor space; thanks to its compact design and adjustable handle. Moreover, this compact design allows the elderly to use it comfortably on smaller decks, sideways, patios, steps, and other small residential parts without spending much energy.

The use of premium materials (ABS and PP) for construction makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough for long-term usage. The ergonomic handle is adjustable for height and angle up to 170 ̊ to match your comfort needs; no more bending. Plus, this non-slip handle has a double-safety switch and concealed hook for cord storage.

  • Non-slip comfortable handle
  • 12amp electric motor
  • Sturdy structure
  • 20ft. throwing distance
  • Dual-curved auger
  • No LED lights
  • No deflector
A quiet, lightweight, compact, and electric-powered tool that gets the snow-clearing job done easily in minutes! Goplus snow-thrower is an affordable alternative to using a manual shovel for clearing of heavy snow.

  7   WEN 5662 Blaster- Premium Pick

The WEN 5662 snow blaster operates on an electric-powered 13.5 amp motor that runs at a high speed of 2000rmp that shoots up snow up to 20 ft. away and 10ft high to give a clear path. It wipes out heavy snow with a clearing width of 18” and 7.8” depth in a single pass. It بو ideal for small driveways that can park 2 cars. This snow blaster blows 490 lbs of snow in 1 minute with its durable solid auger.

You can easily adjust the discharge chute that rotates 180 ̊ to point the snow stream further away from the path.  The thrower only weighs about 39lbs and is backed by a 2-year warranty. Lightweight design, carrying handle, and 6” 2 rear wheels allow easy mobility of the machine for the elderly. Plus, storage is no issue with its collapsible frame that takes up minimal space as compared to hefty machines. Besides, it’s completely maintenance-free.

  • 2000 RMP auger
  • 13.5 amp motor
  • Multi-directional 180 ̊chute
  • 20 ft. throwing distance
  • Easy mobility
  • 2-year warranty
  • No deflector
It’s an easy snow removal tool for the elderly without causing sore muscles or back pain. The WEN 5662 experiences no blockage or snow build-up during operation for maximum snow-clearing performance.

Snowblower for Elderly Buying Guide

Choosing a snowblower for the elderly can be a tricky task but this detailed guide will help you to select the best one with no trouble.

·      Snowblower types

The single-stage snowblowers usually have a rubber auger that not only scoops out snow but also throws it out of the way via a chute. Auger does all the work; it channels snow to the manually adjustable discharge chute on top that moves back and forth. Single-stage blowers are lightweight and can throw snow up to 20-35 ft. away depending on the model you choose.

In dual-stage snowblowers, the steel auger slowly pulls in the snow and feeds it into the machine’s second part called the impeller. This pump pushes snow through the chute as it turns very quickly. The additional help from the impeller behind the arc makes the dual-stage blower more powerful and efficient when clearing out heavy snow on a large driveway.

·      Clearing width

In order to find the right snowblower, one must consider the amount of snow you get on driveways, patios, deck, sidewalks, and stairs. Large snow means you require a blower with a larger auger. Snowblowers with clearing width between 16 to 20’’ are best for snow under 6’’. However, if you have more than 6’’ of snow on daily basis, look for 21-24’’ clearing width.

If you want to clear up smaller patio, deck, or walkways, a small-sized blower will be sufficient to meet your snow-clearing needs. When it comes to removing snow from large driveways, it’s recommended to use a dual-stage blower.

Use snowblowers with plastic scrappers on the porch or deck to prevent floor damage.

·      Power cord

An electric snow blower is a convenient snow-removal option for the elderly; just plug-in and use it. However, the cord can limit the clearing distance that leads to poor handling. Opt for the one that comes with a larger cord. Also, a cord hook on the handle is a practical feature to look in a snowblower to prevent wire tangling. A well-insulated power cord is a must when working in a snowy situation.

·      Electric starter

Unlike most gasoline-powered blowers that start by rotating or pulling a starter cord backward and forward, an electric start button is a great feature for the elderly to effortlessly turn on the machine. Look for an electric blower that comes with an instant one-push button for a convenient start-up.

·      Chute control

Another convenience factor is the ability to control the snow stream angle and direction. An adjustable chute and deflector that comfortably rotates using handles is a good option to look for. With a manual chute control, you need to stop the machine and adjust the chute yourself. Some models also come with controls (handle, hand lever, or joystick) to set your chute height and angle. It’s much easier to direct snow with controls than manually setting the chute by hand.

·      Handle

Since the elderly can’t bend much to clear out snow, a handle that’s adjustable in length is a must. Some snowblower models feature a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to different lengths and angles to match your height. Also, having a good non-slip grip is important for comfortable operation.

·      Easy maneuverability

A lightweight tool is easy to move and handle compared to a bulky one. The same goes for snowblowers for seniors. Lightweight and compact models with powerful motor work best for the elderly when it comes to easy maneuverability and transport. Lifting or turning a heavy snow blower can cause severe and high impact on joints so one should buy a blower with tracking wheels for easy-turn capability. Wheels also give better traction and improved control.


Wrap up

Clear out fast from the snowy mess by using an oil or gas-free machine which is an electric snowblower. Not only simple to use, but they also require little or no maintenance and stores compactly. The right snowblower can make the tough task of clearing out heavy snow manageable for the elderly.

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