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Top 10 Best Reacher Grabber for Elderly in 2020

If you’re lazy, short-sighted, or tired, your new assistant can be at your service. As this is an extendable and cozy, durable, and helpful piece of stick. And not only stick, but it is also your handy hand which makes your work easy in every life.

When working in the kitchen, something annoys your grandma and that is tall designed cabinets from which she is unable to grab spices for making your favorite macaroni. However, this problem is now solved, as she can pick whatever she wants, and no matter how much it is tall with a folding Reacher grabber.

Comparison Table


Product NameMaterialLengthPrice
Reacher Grabber ToolAluminum alloy32″Check Price
Vive Folding Reacher GrabberAluminium rubberized material32″Check Price
RMS FeatherweightAluminum alloy32″Check Price
Unger Professional Nifty NabberLightweight Aluminum Pole36″Check Price
Duro-Med Reacher GrabberAluminum alloy32″Check Price
TACKLIFE Upgrade GrabberAluminum alloy30’’Check Price
PikStik Pro P261Aluminum alloy26″Check Price
Grabber Buddy ReacherAluminum alloy30″Check Price
EZPIK 40″ Extra-Long GrabberAluminum alloy40″Check Price
Sammons Preston FeatherAluminum alloy26″Check Price

  1     Vive Folding Reacher Grabber

Vive Folding Reacher Grabber 32 Inch - Extra Reach Extender, Heavy Duty Mobility Grip Hand Aid - Extra Long Handled Shelf Tool, Trash Litter Picker, Garbage Garden Nabber Handle, Disabled Handicap Arm

Vive folding Reacher grabber is the best hand aid you could have ever imagined of. This is 32 inches long which makes the hand aid reachable to things we wish to pick. This extendable length makes it suitable for old ages people, arthritis patients, or the ones who can’t bend.

People love to keep compact, smart, and less accommodative utility in their house. This product is excessively suitable for this demand. It is foldable with a push-button beneath. Its lightweight makes it special for lifting it and carrying it with yourself.

With an easy-grip of things and a non-slippery material with enables us to handle things firmly without any slip. Even when one picks up weighty objects, it won’t disappoint you in mishandling. It’s 4 inches wide stretch is the best part of characteristics when we talk about holding thicker things like kitchen jars, spice jars, bottles, or even thinner objects like a pen.

The best thing about this product is that its durability is forever. Feel free to purchase because you won’t be worrying about wasting money.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Rotation friendly
  • Extendable
  • Warranty and guarantee
  • Easy-grip
  • A little flimsy-feeling
Our take:Vive grabber is the hit listed product when we talk about several hand aids. This is because of its durability, proximity when you need it the most as for its space smart quality. The grip is able as it is anti-slip material based.

  2     Reacher Grabber Tool, 32″ Foldable Grabber Reacher for Elderly

Reacher Grabber Tool, 31' Grabbers for Elderly, Lightweight Extra Long Handy Trash Claw Grabber, Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool for Trash Pick Up, Nabber, Litter Picker, Arm Extension

For elderly people, who can’t move their waist down and often deal with muscle discomfort can be a very nice and handy help hand. As it has a quality of a strong grip with a better surface area as compared to other grabbers which enable it to hold the thinnest things like coins, keys, etc. However, its extra strength has a great benefit which ensures that it will pick 3 to 5 pounds of weight without any problem.

What makes it fit for the elderly or patients is its lightweight. It is easy to pick it up, with its great unfolding technology, and grab whatever you like.

Along with the foldable design, it is 360 degrees rotatable which is adjustable as per the thin that has to be grabbed.

  • Not so costly
  • Easy to use
  • Picks every little thing
  • The greater surface area of clips
  • Gip is not good
Our take:If you have surgery, patients or seniors don’t behave conveniently, do not lean down you can get the trash, defend against the lumbar spine, for children, you can quickly get high things, and you do not have to stand on a bench, or stairs. 

  3    RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher

RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher 2-Pack (32-inch)

What is more convenient than having a 32 inches long hand aid that can help you grab whatever is distant or heightened. Without pushing yourself, you can reach the upper and lower than usual with this product.

The handles and buttons are circled to match the form of your palm to make carrying smoother without slipping. With a metallic tip on our hand aid, you can quickly pick up lighter metals. The braces open freely to help keep items in place when grabbed and feature textured rubber handles.

Yellow clip sticks to grab cans, runners, wheelchairs, car seats, and hospital beds to hold them close to you.

our reacher is High strength, lighter aluminum  It is durable and it has problems using commonly built heavy equipment for people with arthritis.

  • Easy-grip
  • Handles lightweight metals nicely
  • 32” Huge length
  • Smooth hold
  • Trigger not as good
Our take:Grabber is simple to use, medium weight, and ideal for arthritis patients with conventional heavy grabber hand aid. It helps broaden your scope so that you wouldn’t have to put strain to bring stuff together. You don’t need to excessively-pull! We also suggest this grabber for anyone with reduced dexterity, poor hand strength, anyone healing from surgery, or anyone who wants an extra pair of hands. It is made from premium quality materials so that it is sufficiently durable for daily use. 

  4    Unger Professional Reacher Grabber Tool

Unger Professional 36” Nifty Nabber – Reacher Grabber Tool & Trash Picker, Built-In Magnet & Ergonomic Grip, Grabber Reacher, Grabber Tool, Reacher’s & Grabbers for Seniors, Claw Grabber Pickup Tool

It Is a bonus! This reacher is unique as it can be extended to 36”. Without any bent and folding or breaking, Nifty Nabber is 36 “stretched.

The heavy-duty claws style is suitable for washing household rubbish bags. Especially for aged people who have no assistance, can utilize this nicely. Rubber-covered jaws grab large items without damaging, small or irregularly shaped objects.

Advanced magnets in jaws draw thin metallic items and collect them instead of it being dropped in the way. The ergonomic rigidity of grabbing handles is easy to preserve items in the jaws.

  • Easy-grabbing
  • Handy with odd-shaped objects
  • Extendable without strain on hands
  • Smooth hold with magnetic attraction
  • Awkward grip
Our take:The Nifty Nabber is a lighter but durable resource with strong clasps that easily grasp small, big, and irregular objects. It features an integrated magnet for collecting metal objects such as nails, keys, or coins. It is the best vehicle for garbage and garden clean-up processing and disposal. It makes it quicker, simpler, and better to enter and pick up work. Not necessary to flex, bend, or tighten

 5     Duro Med Reacher Grabber

DMI Reacher Grabber Tool for Elderly, Disabled or After Surgery Recovery, Claw Grabber, Reaching Assist Tool, Trash Picker, Hand Gripper, Arm Extension, 32 Inches, Non Folding, Magnetic Claw

An easy way to hold and not at all heavy that strains your shoulder.  The hand aid grabber is made of hard-wearing and long-lasting plastic with an ergonomic trigger handle.

Magnetic quality improves versatility to gather light metal items that fall close to or over positions. Big jaw grabber with a mouth opening of two and a half inches with attachment tips to guarantee a safe grip. Moreover, and those with poor hand power will quickly be taken off.

Reacher is extremely assisting as it can reach up to 36 inches in length and is amazingly strong with grips.

  • Extendable to 36 inches
  • Light in weight to pick
  • very comfortable
  • magnetic attraction helps in holding metallic objects
  • Weight distribution not even
Our take: Do not fear about using this feathery magnetic aid hand to access hard-to-reach things! This extremely comfortable tool stretches almost 3 feet to allow you to reach the difficult things on the tops or behind the sofa. Minimize unnecessary flexing and meet and let another useful tool do everything it can for oneself! Simple-to-use aluminum sticks and jaw guarantee the highest match for a house not only compact but also durable.

  6    TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool

With this hand aid, it is useful to get objects in tough times, including tight spots: underneath the bed, couch, behind the television, shelf, or in elevated locations: on the counter, kitchen area, etc. You may just utilize it as a garbage grabber to catch broken glass materials and pottery fragments to keep your hands from getting sliced or filthy. It is also a perfect treat for those with trouble bending, such as women in breastfeeding, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

The jaw grabbers can be rotated and expanded to 90 degrees to catch bigger objects. TACKLIFE RG01 is specifically constructed with an angular arm to be fitted in every corner. 0-45 °: it is particularly easy for grabbing something in higher places. Place in cabinets, drawers, or bags at 90-180 °.

The higher ability for handling loads helps the instrument to catch items without any loss up to 12lbs; a forearm of premium-quality aluminum alloy, compact, durable, and simple to use. Plus, the easy handle grip is the best way we can hold the gripper and get the items.

  • Flexible
  • Angular body
  • A great diameter
  • Load handling
  • Weak trigger

  7   PikStik Pro P261, Aluminum Reacher

PikStik Pro P261, Aluminum Reacher, Wide 5.5” Jaw, 360° Rotating Jaw, Durable and Rust-Proof, Unique Handle and Trigger, 1 Year Warranty, 26', Silver/Yellow/Black, 2.1 Foot

Very different than others is this Pik-Stik pro reacher which is a 5.5-inch wide stick-shaped tool without sharp boundaries that enable you to safely capture and transport larger items. It can 360 ° angular rotated in the proprietary jaws for items at all directions to reach unreachable areas.

The proprietary lever improves the grasping power so that items weighing up to 5 pounds can be selected comfortably. This proves that it is heavy duty and can pick heavier objects and is highly durable.

The layered tips and inter-flex scar feature on the upper surface of grabbers are made from tough thermoplastic material. This helps to a non-slip grip handling.

Unequaled double stream construction guarantees the massive power of the shaft and never removes the molded jaw case.

Ideal for people who have reduced flexibility, disability, or just need a greater distance. PikStik accessors help you to safely restore, tighten, and pick products without stressing your body. Designed jaws spin 360 degree and tri-flex, overmold construction offers no slipping grasp. Can nicely collect up around 5 pounds of weight.

  • Uneven grip for a better grasp of objects
  • Premium quality
  • 360 degree flexible
  • Pick the weight up to five pounds
  • Heavy
Our take:The perfect reacher for every necessity! PikStik accessors help you to safely restore, tighten, and strain products without extenuating. Sustainable, secure, and compact structures make them suitable for any function. Our stylish curves are designed for those who find it difficult to access, from the main house to the outside in the pools, sewer lines, or lawns. These global instruments enable you to keep moving in one simple action. They aren’t just environmentally friendly, they even minimize or even remove damage to the wrists or pain.

  8     Grabber Buddy Reacher Pick Up Tool Rubber Tips Ergonomic Handle

Grabber Buddy Reacher with Dual Powerful Magnets, Ergonomic Angle Adjustable Handle & Rubber Grip Tips Pick Up Tool - 48 Inch

Most elderly look for a reacher which has comfortable holding handles. This is because if it is not the case, it would damage their soft, feeble hands. Your grabber buddy can however fix this, as it has an extremely handy friendly handle.

Additionally, it can be extendable for up to thirty, thirty-six, or forty-eight inches. Rubber pads on the pointers of the jaw strongly and safely grasp the smallest items, moist or dry. This keeps mothers or even the older aged people to pick little things and they cant bend their waists often.

For multiple activities like weight lifting and in close areas the handles rotate 90 °. This helps in firmly holding objects, no matter if it is a narrow space like behind the sofa or under the bed. The push-button allows to sturdily hold of objects as well.

  • Great anti-slip handle
  • Rubber grasps
  • Best for heavyweight objects
  • Extendable up to 48 inches
  • Handle feels flimsy
Our take:Puller Pal is not only an object fetching tool. The concept underlying Grabber Buddy is to create a most compact and compact device for its class. Grabber Buddy is trustworthy and accurate. About everything in your jaws can be collected, including plastic cups, pots, bottles, and many more. The grasp is so strong that you can lift the knife or a tablet quickly. 

  9    EZPIK 40″ Extra-Long Grabber-Reacher Tool, Foldable Reaching Aid for Elderly

EZPIK® Folding Grabber Reacher for Elderly 40' +Magnets - Rugged Gripper Reachers for Disabled & Seniors Heavy Duty - reachers and Grabbers for Seniors - Trash Grabber Tool and Pickers Heavy Duty (Bl

The thing that makes ezpik grabber reacher unique is its compact and foldable design which allows it to fold up to 20”. This means that it can be carried along easily for elderly people.

Rods are not bending and the stainless cable is not breaking down below load. As the premium quality makes it durable than never before, it can be used when you go out or working in the backyard.

One inch of the flashlight can be attached to it for convenience. As elderly people can hardly see clearly at night time.

For a firm grasp, the rubber shield of picker jaws is rough. This helps the smallest objects not to fall while they are being picked. Narrow places between boxes, or below mobilization: use the rotating head, fit a torch. Set of shattered glass or concrete slabs: use slip-free tips. Choose to use the right size of hand aid. when you’re  selecting to pick newspaper or waste without flexing from the floor

Jaw rotation is a smart characteristic when it comes to firmly holding of objects for people. Lid and grip don’t need to be connected in the convenience of your arm.

  • Firm hold
  • Anti-slip
  • flexible
  • long
  • The handle feels hard to hold
Our take:We have the exceptional hand aid which assists the elderly in picking large circular objects in regiments or trees: keep within the grasp as its tips are rough and create resistance. Place your grappler on a hiking chair or wheelchair. Take with you wherever you like, as its portable and durable.

  10    Sammons Preston Feather Reach Economy Reacher

Sammons Preston Feather Reach Economy Reacher, 26' Grabber Tool with Magnet, Lightweight 7 oz. Magnetic Picker Up Tool & Reaching Claw, Aluminum Trash Pickup Aid, Lightbulb Remover, & Garden Nabber

This hand aid is an assisting hand for the elderly as it includes a 26 “long stick, which makes it easier for them to pick distant things.

A tight jaw, which ensures a firm grip so things don’t fall off, a walking or wheelchair storage clip as it helps the wheelchair not to slip away, and a metallic object collecting magnet plate. The magnetic plate helps to attract metal objects as they are heavier than other materials.

Beaks open to 3, “claw hand aid grasp things that weigh 1 pound or less tightly and comfortably with a dragging lug that tends to draw products into users or helps dress them.

This is an extremely comfy handle attached to this hand aid. Convenient and specifically made handle triggers a fantastic trash collector, helps you in the garden in your backyard with picking things, lightbulb remover, and help for wheelchair users.

Latex-free picking hand aid is securely fixed to lighter and medium-heavy items whereas the palms of the button-action handles remain ergonomic. This helps in feeble or tired hands to easily push the trigger button without any hard work.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Best for wheelchair users
  • Usable in backyard or gardening assistance
  • long
  • Claw doesn’t as good
Our take:The Sammons Preston is a convenient, grip-on claw collection device featured to help gain a steady hold and lift less than 1 lb items with limited capabilities. The accessory can conveniently pick up items like garbage, garden tools, and clothing with a 3 “broad jack and convenient trigger grip. It also has a magnetic edge clip to recover tiny metal items without any complications. The constructed-in clip of the Sammons Feather Reacher makes an easy move or wheelchair storage for the house or when on the road.

How to Pick the Best Grabber Reacher?

A reach grabber can be assessed by many criteria. Naturally, the most beneficial criteria rely on the individual’s needs and the justification for their use. Here are a few suggestions as to what to search for in the right grabber selection:

·      Weight management:

If you plan to use the grabber to lift heavy objects, ensure that the size displayed matches the specifications.

·      Flexible and foldability:

If you intend to cart your grabber about or have no room at home, it is handy to have a folding grabber. However, be mindful that the bending effect threatens the power and weight of the rod.

·      Customizable length:

Whenever you want grabbers to cover both long and short spans, grabbers with customizable shaft lengths are commercially available.

·      Weight of hand aid:

Seniors tend to have lower arm durability and choose a portable unit. The majority of grapplers on the market are made out of aluminum that offers power and lights.

·      Rotators:

As described, revolving tip collectors can help collect objects which are positioned both horizontally and vertically. The far more flexible grabber can rotate from the simple 90-degree angle to the full 360 degrees traveling head.

·      The magnetic attraction of tips:

Some gadgets have magnetic plates on the tips which can be used for choosing tiny metal items (such as aluminum foil, iron nails, or keys)

·      Firm hold of jaws:

The bulk of the collectors activate the claw when the user releases the collecting button. In certain situations though, a jaw that is closed when opened may be preferred. For those with disabilities, this is particularly convenient, because they don’t need to push the button when raising the grabber.

·      Hand-shaped control:

Another good thing to search for stimuli with a shape rubber point that makes it harder for the fingertips to slip during use.

·      Ergonomic hold:

Finally, for easier use of the hand tool, it is nice to have aerodynamic handles.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, this is almost impossible to choose the best hand tool for the elderly. This is because all of them are highly demanded and highly durable. These all ensure assistance for elderly people in their everyday lives. Most of them are of handsome length with extendable rods which can help people not to move and pick things easily.


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