Elderly Journal is an online magazine specially conceived and developed for the seniors and the elders around us. It is a mixed plate of product reviews, guides, and other useful articles and information for the elderly and for those who have these ever loved grey-haired, grizzled, and mature seniors in their lives.

Life is a roller coaster ride with twists and turns, moving you here and there with jerks and jumps. As we rage our ship through this sea in an unforeseen storm there comes a point in life where all is calm and peaceful. This is the time of retirement, a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the world around you.

Elderly Journal is our tribute to these life veterans who want to keep on living their life to the fullest. We offer a variety of informational and entertainment articles through this website. With special emphasis on products designed for the elderly, we strive hard to help them live a better and healthy life with our genuine product reviews and guidelines.

Even if you are not an older timer, you can gain a lot of valuable information and the latest knowledge about aging, what to expect from it, its pros and cons, how to deal with it, dietary habits and nutrition, and many similar topics and details.

With a team of qualified and experienced writers, editors, and specialists in various fields, we want to provide the very best for ours and your loved ones.

So, whether you yourself are retired or a senior looking for a place to spend some quality time to read and learn, or you want some information specifically for your dad, mom, or grandparents, Elderly Journal is the right choice.

You can browse through our large collection of blog posts, product reviews, recipes, news articles, and many more entertaining and knowledgeable write-ups waiting to be explored.

About Authors:

Ryan Thomas:

My name is Ryan Thomas and I am an engineer by profession. When I retired at 60, 5 years ago, I wanted to do something with all the practical knowledge and learning that I had gained throughout my life. With a strong belief that you are never too old for anything, I decided to become a writer. And what better area to challenge my expertise than to review products and gadgets of different types and makes.

Exploring this new passion to write, I have been part of a number of technology blogs, affiliate marketing websites and online magazines.

Joy Kramer:

I am Joy Kramer, a retired nurse and a mother of three beautiful daughters. I was part of the caregiving and medical profession for more than 30 years. Having served in a couple of clinics and nursing homes, I loved taking care of the people around me especially the elderly.

As I started to grow older, looking after others were becoming a little difficult. So, I took retirement as a nurse but continued to serve the people around me through my writings. I share my experiences and professional expertise with others by writings articles, news items, and blog posts.